“Babel” is heavy.

A movie consists of causation and stupid things. Stupid things that could lead to dire consequences.

Four seemingly unrelated stories in four different countries are linked together by a thread of causation, materialised in a gun.

The gun was first used by the Japanese character’s wife to kill herself, this led to the breakdown of his relationship with his mute daughter.

He then gave the gun to an Egyptian tour guide as a gift, who sold the gun to a local shepherd.

The two very young sons of the shepherd, while having fun of the gun, accidentally shot the American.

Unable to make it back to the States, their babysitter was forced to stay with the kids.

Eager to attend her son’s wedding in Mexico the babysitter decided to take the kids with her and ended up with another accident.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian police tried to trace the source of the gun and the Japanese police took over and questioned the Japanese, who instead met his mute daughter.

The mute daughter eventually understood her father’s love and accepted him again.

A circle of causation is completed.

Packed with stupid incidents here. The Japanese daughter stupidly blamed her father of the loss of her mother, and stupidly thought that no one loved her. The shepherd stupidly gave his sons the gun to guard the sheep. The sons stupidly played with the gun. The American husband stupidly deserted his family when his son was killed in his sleep, etc etc.

We don’t have to do bad things to hurt people, most of the time stupid things would do. We do a lot of stupid things when we are obsessed, when we are frustrated, when we are angry, when we are nervous, when we feel lonely, and the list goes on.

The Tower of Babel is one big stupid thing men did, seeking to challenge, and thus angered, the God. The Tower collapsed, but God is still there.

Fingers crossed that, like the daughter in the movie, it is not too late when you realise how stupid you were and the one is still there, forgiving your stupidity.


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